We are able to offer the latest designs of lenses in order to improve the optical and cosmetic performance of your spectacles. As well as standard lenses we specialize in thin lenses for high prescriptions, for ‘VDU’ use, for driving, as well as photochromic, bifocals and varifocals. For the best possible advice an experienced dispensing optician can help with your choice.

Eyecraft specializes in providing spectacle lenses from leading manufacturers including Essilor, BBGR, Zeiss, Nikon and Hoya.

Take a look at our Lens Guide for more information:

Single Vision:

These are the most commonly used corrective lenses. They can be used for driving, television, computer or reading.

Bifocal Lenses:

Bifocal Lenses are designed for wearers needing two corrections.A bifocal lens provides distance and near vision in one lens. There is a visible dividing line separating the two viewing areas.

Varifocal Lenses:

Varifocal Lenses are the optimal solution for correcting presbyopia by making sure that vision is clear and precise irrespective of distance. They allow vision to be corrected in the distance, near and intermediate (VDU) in one pair of glasses. There is no visible dividing line resulting in a great cosmetic appearance.

All our varifocal’s come with a 30 day guarantee. If for any reason you cannot get used to them, they can be exchanged for bifocals or two separate pairs of glasses.

Thin & Light Lenses:

High index plastic lenses make it possible to obtain thinner, lighter and flatter lenses for higher prescriptions. They have excellent UV blocking properties and can greatly improve the cosmetic appearance. All lenses come with a scratch resitant and anti reflection coating.

Scratch Resistant Coating:

Since lenses are subject to the hazards of everyday use, a hardened coating can increase the durability of the lens.

Anti Reflection Coating:

A coating that reduces reflections and glare caused by light reflecting on a lens surface. They are particularly useful in reducing light scatter from street lights and car headlights. Also, helpful to all VDU users. The cosmetic appearance of your glasses improves as you can see your eyes behind the lenses. New generation of anti reflection coatings are easier to clean, more resistant to smudges and offer maximum protection against dust.

UV Protection Filter:

UV rays can be extremely harmful to the eyes. This is a clear filter when combined with a sunglass tint that will provide protection against harmful UV light.

Tinted Lenses:

A full range of coloured tints that can be used for fashion or sports. Can be combined with mirror coatings if required.

Transition Lenses:

Transition lenses are convenient everyday clear lenses that darken and adapt to changing light to reduce glare and protect from harmful UV rays. Provides great comfort in changing automatically and quickly.

Polarized Lenses:

They reduce the power of bright light, block 100 % of UV rays and glare, thus providing comfort and protection to the wearer. They are especially useful for driving, skiing and fishing.