Neva® Max Blue UV is an anti-reflective lens that offers the best everyday transparency and protection as well as reducing visual fatigue

Improved contrast and reduced visual fatigue

With an exclusive innovation in its manufacturing process, Neva® Max Blue UV lenses reduce the blue light emitted by screens and filters UV rays. Your vision is clearer with improved contrast and your eyes are more relaxed.

Protection against UV rays
Neva® Max Blue UV lenses are designed to block out most of the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to your eyes, even when you are not in direct sunlight. Neva® Max Blue UV uses the E-SPF index which is a global index rating the overall UV protection of lens.

Lasting transparency
With great anti dust and smudge resistant properties, these lenses offer transparency that lasts. Your lenses will stay cleaner and clearer for longer.

Scratch resistant
With its scratch resistant properties, Neva® Max Blue UV lenses offer great protection against everyday wear and tear.